help in times of global markets and increasingly complex customer-supplier relationships food safety standards, to meet the existing challenges at the best possible price. Compliance with the regulations and the practical implementation of these standards monitored by independent audits. Clear criteria not only enable an objective evaluation and classification of the company, but also provide information on the individual development of an organization compared to previous audits.Food to help carry safety standards food producers and retailers to better guarantee safety of their products and allow independent monitoring in audits. Availability of common standards recognized worldwide and a uniform procedure for assessing the quality have particularly driven development. So far, it is mainly the producers of trademarks were prompted to act food safety and compliance with the relevant laws and regulations evidence. Now, all organizations in the food chain actively be gradually involved.

system certification
ISO22000, ISO22000-1 and FSSC for food, FSSC ISO22000-4 for packaging HACCP / general principles of food hygieneGMP-Good Manufacturing Practice

Training and certification of persons

Course series hygiene management and quality management for the Food Safety Course Serie risk management in the food industry

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